@ The Clink during Carnivale

Tuesday 20th – Friday 24th May 10am -4pm

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Featuring local established and emerging artists. Come along and view the fantastic Wall of Art, the courtyard and balcony displays and embrace our local talent. There’s abstract, expressionism, impressionism, silks, lino-prints, tropical, botanical, naive, drawings and more..

MissK is… ‘’

sold out SUNDAY MAY 18 & THURSDAY MAY 22

She’s bold and blond and very very funny! The year is 2014 and Miss K is struggling to keep up. She’s trying desperately to be a modern girl in a cyber-world but ….it’s just so complex. She wants fame but can’t dance, build or cook. And what happens when she finds she’s got nothing to tweet about? Is she navigating the spam of modern existence, or really just

Miss K